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Feb 05, 2019

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

2018 is gone. The end of a year signifies different things to different people. For some it’s just a change in a date, to others it means an opportunity to start all over, make new goals, correct their mistakes and try again. To a few others, the New Year is an opportunity to grow and pursue much bigger goals. The significance of 1st January varies according to individual perception.

As the year ends, all we hear about are New Year’s resolutions, how to create them, why they are good and all the issues surrounding goals and New Year resolutions. It has become a norm now to hear of New Year’s resolutions and goal setting in December and January. It has also become a norm to hear nothing about evaluation of the goals achieved from the set goals.

Goal setting is an important aspect of life. It directs your life and adds meaning to it. There are different methods of setting goals. I personally recommend Brian Tracy’s goal setting system. Zig Zaglar is also another authority to follow when it comes to goal setting. Goal setting is a very involving exercise. Depending on which system you are using, it can take you hours just to set your goals and seek clarity on which goals are a priority to you. That’s why achieving the set goals becomes a priority too.

Now that the year is over, we are sure we took inventory of the goals we have achieved and the others we failed to achieve. Some of us have achieved a lot of goals while some have achieved few or none at all. To the people who failed to achieve their goal despite the effort, the end of the year, the inventory, can be one of the most painful moments to go through. It can stress us to consider ourselves failures even after we tried. It doesn’t have to hurt though, its okay to fail. Yes its okay to fail.

The failure only matters when we focus on it. Failure is in the success equation of success. Each failure brings a lesson with it. So instead of concentration on the failure, let’s concentrate on the lesson which we have learnt from it. Let’s adjust our focus, plan and try again. Don’t quit, don’t give up. Don’t change the goal if it still matter to you, learn the lesson, change the plan and try again. You might not have achieved the goal but in the process of pursuing it, you grew. That is an important change which needs not to be ignored. Embrace the growth that you have encountered and use them to try again.

To our fellows who have achieved all their goals, let’s put mentorship as one of our goals this year. Let’s mentor our friends to be better versions of them and reach their goal. Let’s create mastermind groups and support each other towards the success ladder.

To those who have not achieved or have achieved few, understand that sometimes you lose, sometimes you learn.

Jacquiline Mbendera

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