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Mar 11, 2019

Climate Change, Wake Up!

Despite Malawi being an Agro-based economy of which 90% of the population are dependent on rain-fed agriculture, 60 per cent of the population are food insecure on a year-round-basis.

Climate sensitive rain-fed agriculture is a major contributor to this insecurity that’s why climate change and its impact is a major social problem in Malawi. Climate extremes and weather events severely erode the resilience and adaptive capacity of individuals and communities via declining yields and that leads to food insecurity. Evident from the pattern of the past years, 2019 inclusive, dry spells and flood conditions, especially in the southern of the country, Malawi, have resulted in food insecurity with significant impacts on the livelihoods of poor people in rural areas.

The situation is getting worse with time and climate change continues to be treated as a fairy tale.

  1. Do you know that Earth is our only home and we are burning it down?
  2. What are you doing about the Enviroment around You?
  3. How have you contributed to the cyclones, floods, death of aqua life and food insecurity?

Its time to Wake up and take action. Earth is Dying and we are the ones burning it down.

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